Look at any rock star and you’ll see them wearing a bunch of thick silver chains coupled with a bandanna or leather cuff

Have you ever noticed that some guys just know how to wear a bracelet? Guys like Russell Brand, Johnny Depp and Axl Rose all seem to carry off mens bracelets with any style and they look incredibly Pandora Sale cool wearing them. Today I want to discuss which bracelets go with which styles and what will work for you.

You might be thinking “Huh? It’s just a bracelet dude, why would I bother about matching it with something?”. The honest answer to that is, details matter with an outfit. You’re style is determined by the details, from your shoes and watch to your belt and bracelet, it’s all part of the overall image you’re portraying.

The most popular mens bracelets

There are a few different types of wrist wear that seem to be the Cheap Pandora Beads most popular, these are the ones I’ve noticed:

Silver chains – Look at any rock star and you’ll see them wearing a bunch of thick silver chains coupled with a bandanna or leather cuff. This is a great look and perfect style of bracelet to use if you want the rock edge.

Leather rope – Think indie/folk and you should picture a brown or black leather woven bracelet. They come in various styles, usually with a silver metal clasp and look very smart with a cool shirt.

Bangle – Not technically a bracelet but still very fashionable wrist attire Cheap Pandora Charm which looks great with most clothes, especially a suit and tie of all things. They used to be solely worn for religious reasons, but now fashion has taken them under it’s wing and made them a very popular item to wear.

Choosing a style that suits you

Do you want to look like a rocker? Maybe a dapper dresser? Or even a smart business man? Whatever your style, it’s vital that you choose the right bangle or bracelet. The ideal thing to do is test drive a few cheaper ones and Cheap Pandora Bracelets determine which style best suits you as an individual, what you see on screen or in the store sometimes doesn’t quite look as good on your wrist.

Style versus quality

There is a misconception that you can pick up a decent looking bracelet for a Pandora Leather Necklaces few bucks, which is fine if you want to throw it away in a weeks time because it breaks, but not so good if you want it to last. Always remember, you get what you pay for, so always aim for quality over price.

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