Pandora has become the world leader when it comes to European-style bead bracelets and it's easy to see why

Pandora is a company globally known for their wide range of jewelry and especially their charm bracelets. After a modest beginning as a local Danish jewelry shop almost 30 years go, the company grew rapidly, and today has distributors and retailers in more than 55 countries. Their product line includes hand-finished rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and charms Pandora Online Shop in a huge variety of designs.

In 2000, they launched what has really become their claim to fame: the charm bracelet collection. It was an instant hit in Denmark and quickly conquered the international market as well. The bead-style snake-chain bracelets Pandora Beads come in sterling silver or gold and are designed to work with their special threading system beads. The leather collection, which is available in different styles and colors like an interwoven design in single or double strands (with 14k gold or sterling silver Pandora clasps) and a non-woven design can be used with or without beads.

And one of my favorites, the 38" black leather string, can be Louis Vuitton Pas Cher styled in a bunch of ways - you can braid, twist, or fold it and load it up with beads to make a charm bracelet. The adjustable knot makes it fit on any wrist. It can also be worn simply as a wrap around wrist band, or you can make it into a necklace and slip on a few charms.

The Pandora bracelets and charms are part of the Moments Louis Vuitton Homme Sac collection, and each piece is sold individually to allow you to build your own charm bracelet. You can customize a themed gift for your Mom on Mother's day, a friend for graduation, or make your own choice of mixed themes. A great feature is the online bracelet builder where you can mix, match and view a possible design for your bracelet. It's a very entertaining tool to sit and play with - I spend way more time on it than I should!

The Pandora charm collection comes in wood, Murano glass, silver and Louis Vuitton Femme gold in hundreds of design styles, and I personally love their new spring collection; it's full of soft colors and has a romantic feel to it. Some of the charms have semi-precious stones (onyx, sapphire, opal, etc.), others have enamel accents. Accessories include spacers and clips which lock loose beads in place and stop them from sliding to one end of the bracelet.

Pandora has become the world leader when it comes to European-style bead Louis Vuitton Sac Outlet bracelets and it's easy to see why. The beads are not only creative and cute, the workmanship and skill that went into them is obvious, and the entire concept speaks to women of all backgrounds and ages. A brilliant idea that has us thinking about charm bracelets in a different way.

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